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Purpose of kalter.org

This website is designed to increase access to and facilitate the distribution of genealogical information about the Kalter family. Much of this information is otherwise kept by only a few people, so it is also hoped that kalter.org will reduce the risk of its loss.

Who is behind kalter.org

Numerous relatives have contributed information appearing on kalter.org, but the website itself is organized primarily by Logan Joseph Kleinwaks, whose Kalter ancestors lived in Łańcut and Krakowiec before immigrating to New York. For privacy reasons, other contributors are mentioned only in the password-protected part of this website.

Reason for security

Due to the personal nature of the information on kalter.org, and the impracticality of obtaining waivers from all affected parties, only family members and selected researchers are allowed access. In the future, it may be appropriate to donate some of the information to public institutions or academic repositories, but a decision to do so has not been made and will not be made without consultation with the family.


Visitors and their activities on this website are logged to improve kalter.org's utility and to ensure its security. Kalter.org is non-commercial.

Fair use

Information on this website is only for the personal use of family members or the pre-approved use of selected researchers. In no case may this information be used for commercial purposes. Please do not make this information public without prior approval. Since this is a family website, precise legal terms are unnecessary, but please use common sense and contact us with any questions regarding useage.


Nearly all of the content of kalter.org is created in English and then translated. If you notice a translation error, please contact us.

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